If you have a knowledge in Electricl circuit connection then you come to our place and light up the bulb in a specific pattern by switch on various switches may be a fake one (or) true one.that will be identify by yourself by analysing the circuit provided.

This event will test your ability to understand the circuit and debug it. You will have to tweak the circuit given to you to make it work according to the problem statement.

Rules : Round 1:

1. The main goal of round one is to select 8 teams out of all the teams.

2. Team size can be 1 to 3

3. This round will be theoretical and some general question on electronics will be asked.

4. The performance in this round will decide who goes to next round.

5. In the event, the organiser verdict is the final one.

Round 2:

1. In this a circuit will be given to the each team. The circuit which will be given to each team will be identical.

2. The required information will be given about the circuit.

3. The participants are also allowed to google about the circuit.

4. The team which finishes debugging and fixing the circuit is declared as winner

5. The organiser verdict will be final.